Premium architectural roof plumbing contractors

As a first line of protection for your valuable property, the appropriate water drainage and egress system is as vital as the roof itself. We adhere to strict Australian standards including the avoidance of dissimilar metals and ensuring the optimal flow of water to its designated location. Quality roof plumbing prevents dangerous hazards in the short term and avoids more extensive damage to the property in the longer term.

Your roof bears the full brunt of nature, protecting you and keeping you dry and safe. Over the course of each year, your roof goes through a lot of wear and tear and there is a high risk of water damage with improperly installed roofs. Roof plumbing is essential for all types of roofing systems, metal or otherwise. Roof plumbing consists of gutter and spout installation, stormwater downpipes, roof covers and flashing and/or rainwater tank connections.

Roof plumbing is the most important part of any roofing project. Roof plumbing problems can cause water seepage into your ceiling cavity, which can lead to mould, staining and eventually structural damage. There can be significant damage resulting from water seepage affecting wooden foundations as well.

Roof plumbing is an essential service – reach out to BRC Roofing and Cladding Australia and chat with our roof plumbing experts to arrange a roofing inspection.

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