Preventative roofing maintenance contractor

Time and environment can always play havoc on any roofing installation. Every roofing system has a designed lifespan and achieving it requires preventative roofing maintenance. Storm drainage, debris, standing water, poor workmanship can lead to continuous deterioration of roofing systems.

All roof manufacturers also require maintenance and care according to specific guidelines to maintain their warranty. Any failure to maintain roof systems can lead to warranty being void. To protect your warranty and your significant roofing investment, reach out to BRC Roofing & Cladding Australia and sign up for a preventative roofing maintenance contract.

At BRC we design a preventative maintenance program that helps elevate the timespan of you roofing system. Our preventative maintenance programs are designed to provide real value towards improving your roof’s life span while saving costs and time. Our preventative maintenance program includes regularly scheduled inspections, periodic repairs of common roofing components (flashings, drains, curbs etc.) and the addition of reflective coatings.

Our process starts out with a detailed audit of your current roofing system which includes risk identification – this process will proactively identify potential issues and provide us with a risk profile which will then help us to build a custom roofing preventative maintenance program that is designed specifically towards your roofing risk profile. Reach out to us for a roofing risk audit – our certified roof specialists will conduct a detailed roofing audit and provide you with a detailed roofing maintenance profile.

Remember, your roof is your most important asset – every dollar spent on maintenance rewards you with at least $2 in saved repair and emergency breakdown costs in the future.

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